Travel Planning Guide
All you need to know and do before traveling

Staying Healthy

Vaccinations and Malaria

Visit the CDC Website to find out what are the recommended jabs and what are the risks for your destination. Remember that doctors will err on the side of precaution, and given where most tourist go to and do, these warnings might be over alarmist.

Some treatments/vaccinations need to be taken weeks before your departure. So plan ahead.

Drugs and medicines

If you have any prescription for a long term or chronic condition, it's better to take what you need with you. Remember to take a doctor's note/prescription with you as customs officers might want to see it.

There's no need to take your whole medicine cabinet with you. Medicines for common issues are easily available on all but the more extreme locations. Most common non-prescription medicines that will help you with the symptoms of most common issues are (these are the chemical components, they might be sold under brand names):

Pharmacy in Uganda


Learn how to avoid food poisoning.

Use hand sanitizer before meals and after using anything that's touched by many people (e.g. public transportation, ATMs). This habit can help you prevent many of the common issues travelers experience.

Watch your diet. Try to have rich and varied meals. If not possible, specially in long term travel, taking multi-vitamins could be a good idea.