Travel Planning Guide
All you need to know and do before traveling

Choosing Your Destination

Picking the destination for your next holiday can be exciting but can also be a decision with many variables to think about. What you want to see and do, how much the flights are going to cost, how much it's going to cost in the ground, do you have enough time to see it all and what the weather is going to be like in that time of the year.

So let me break it down for you and make it easier.

Where To Go

First you have to decide where you want to go, see and do: beach, city, mountain, shopping, relax, party etc. If you're a visual person you can check Beautiful Destinations'Instagram account for amazing pictures of travel destinations worldwide.

If you think you'll be influenced by the airfare cost, see Skyscanner's Explorer tool and see how far your money can take you.

Skyscanner's Explorer tool

If you're flexible on destination and dates, check and sign-up for the 'Last Minute Deals' sections of the online travel agencies (e.g. Expedia, TravelZoo)

Check for visas and other entry requirements. From most develop countries to other developed countries there will be no need for visas. But sometimes depending on what passport you have and where you're going to you'll need a combination of:

Enter your details at TravelDoc and see what documentation you'll need. Make sure you'll have enough time to arrange what's necessary, or you'll need to choose another destination. TravelDoc is fine for this stage of planning, but later on you'll want to check the finer details of the requirements in other sources. See our article on passport and entry requirements.

Check the weather. Holiday Weather Guide is a gret resource and shows you on a map where is too hot, too cold, or too wet to visit. You can also google "city annual weather" to get similar information. For example, google Barcelona annual weather.

Holiday Weather Guide

Check for public holidays. If there is a public holiday hotels will be more expensive and hard to find, same for transportation, so you'll need to plan more carefully. On the other hand, local festivities are a great travel and cultural experiences. Simply google "country public holidays" (e.g. Australia Public Holidays)

Check for safety warnings. The best information on safety is provided by the USA, UK, and Australia. They'll all say similar things. Remember if they advise 'do not travel' to your chosen destination, travel insurance will not cover you if you go there.

Have a rough idea of costs and see if it fits your budget. Of course travel tastes vary, but for most people a quick rule of thumb for a couple traveling is to check the price of a 3 star hotel at your destination (e.g. using and multiply by 3. This is how much you'll need per day - roughly. The first extra night is to cover lunch, dinner, and transportation; the second extra night covers entrance fees and attractions. This excludes the cost of the flights to get you there, and transportation between cities.

Now that you've picked where you want to go to and when, it's time to start planning in more details. See more of our guides below.