Travel Planning Guide
All you need to know and do before traveling

Booking Your Hotel

Finding a good hotel is much easier than finding a good flight.

The process is to search as many sites as you can. Usually they all have the same hotels at the same prices, but differences can be found.

The most popular sites in no particular order:

For Japan also look at Rakuten Travel. It has many hotels not found in the major booking sites.

After you chose your hotel look at the price on their site if they're part of a chain. Recently hotel chains started increasing the benefits they offer to people that book directly instead thru agents and booking sites.

You can call or email the hotel before booking to see if they offer any benefit if you book directly with them. Logic is that if they don't have to pay commission to the booking site they can pass some of the savings to you. The results of this tactic vary. But you have nothing to lose, just a bit of time.

Airbnb offers interesting options: like the Bark Inn

When to book

Hotel pricing is not as dynamic as flight pricing. It follows a simple logic. Prices increases as you get closer to check in date and the hotel is filling up, then prices decrease close to checkin date if the hotel is empty.

So the general rule is to book as early as possible.

Other tips and tricks are: